Welcome to our little family.

The story behind Rainbow Baby comes from my own journey of motherhood, and the ways it's guided me on my journey to self. My job as a parent will always be the most important of my life-- aside from running my small business. Like you, my journey has been a series of ups and downs but the one constant is my boys. They are my rock, they are my reason, they are my "why." When my oldest son, Dre was born, I became very passionate and selective of what products we introduced into our home. I researched brands and their stories. Finding wholesome, small-business, like-minded brands was my goal.

When I thought of opening up a boutique carrying all these brands I had sourced for my little family, I knew I had to do it. The dream took off in the matters of a few months. Now, three years later, Rainbow Baby has grown into a special space that I get to share with other families and mamas who desire the same as I do-- high quality, unique, reasonable, stylish and modern products for their babies + kids. When I can, I collaborate with other creatives in the area to host classes, Story Club and other events that bring people together. The demands of motherhood can make us feel isolated and alone at times, so finding my community has never been more important than it is now.

I am so honored to be a thriving business in downtown Grants Pass. As a single mom, raising my kids in a beautiful and supportive community means the world to me. I hope to meet you & your littles soon! Stop by. Say hi. Join our Story Club. Show up as you are. Everyone is welcome.



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